Your privacy is important to us, and the following sets out our policy and the steps we take to ensure that your privacy on the internet is protected.

  1. Blackwood 8 do not sell, rent, or otherwise supply names or contact lists to any other parties.
  2. Where a user elects to becomes part of a subscription list, such as to receive advance press releases and news, that list is used solely by Blackwood 8, and is not made available to any other parties. Furthermore, a user can elect to be removed from such news lists at any time.
  3. From time to time, Blackwood 8 may publish statistical analyses on users and /or subscribers for marketing and promotion purposes. This information is such that no user or subscriber can be individually identified or contacted from that information.
  4. We count the number of times that each page on our site has been visited, but we do not specifically identify any visitors, who remain completely anonymous.

If you feel that this policy has been abused by either Blackwood 8, or one of our subscribers, please email us and let us know so that we can take appropriate action.