MND v Brain Cancer

Queen's Birthday saw a clash of fund raising campaigns between Motor Neurone Disease (MND, Big Freeze 3 at the G) and Beanies for Brain Cancer (Carrie Bickmore), creating a social media storm from some in the community.

Having witnessed both my father, and Peter Henkes an original Blackwood 8 founding member succumb to MND, its important to recognise the significant valuable contribution that Neale Daniher continues to provide in raising awareness & funds towards research and support into a cure for MND.

Carrie Bickmore should also being applauded for her significant contributions into raising awareness & fundraising towards brain cancer research.

More research funding is needed for all brain related diseases, and both of these diseases are equally deserving of charitable support. MND & Brain Cancer have similar prognosis - limited treatments with limited life expectancies. MND & Brain Cancer sufferers are affected 365 days of the year, and charitable contributions and commitments are required all year, not just on a single fundraising event day.

People with high public profiles can make a significant contribution into the awareness of these diseases, and we need more people like Neale Daniher and Carrie Bickmore to continue to expose the effects of these diseases onto the general community, to bring the research funding to levels that will one day result in a cure or greater life expectancy.

If the keyboard warriors in our community used their time in support of charitable causes like these, as Neale & Carrie have done, our community might be a step closer in achieving the goal of understanding & curing these diseases.




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